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One Body Village Inc

Upcoming Events

OBV needs many volunteers for selling T-Shirts and handle OBV DVDs. Please contact Thanh Nguyen at 404-772-3256 or email [email protected] Thank you!

2014 Annual Fund Raiser: Dinner, Auctions, Raffle Drawing, CBC Band, DJ Babyboi, Disco Dance Please go to for more information: from auction items, event progress to last event gal...

For more info, please contact Father Martino at 706-825-3032 or email [email protected]

Do you know of your life's purpose?
Do you understand how life is in other countries?
Do you comprehend what people in lesser circumstances need, hope, and desire?
Do you want to be per...

Latest Posts

Diary Recollection of the Rescue of two Young Girls in 8th Grade Diary Recollection of the Rescue of two Young Girls in 8th Grade On receipt of an email from uncle (an endearing term I use for Father Thong) about a request for help from OBV as their daughter has been missing for over two weeks along with her friend also in 8th...
OBV Camp – "The great circle of hands" - part 2 OBV Camp –  Since some of our children from Cambodia come to Vietnam for the periodic health and dental examinations - OBV organized one day meaningful and fun camp in order for the children from two countries ...
Goodbye, Summer (part 1) Goodbye, Summer (part 1) Mother Ngoc counting the little soldiers before departure! "I gave D a pencil, I gave Linh some bread..." "I received toys from Mother, love from Mother and Aunt, clothes from the older sisters......
OBV Announcement OBV Announcement Dear Everyone, We are currently working on the picture database.  There will be many disrupted or missing pictures from the website. Please be patient, and sorry for the inconvenience.
Letter About OBV Mission Letter About OBV Mission Whether OBV children are used, abused, exploited, or trafficked, they all meet the defining criteria of child sex exploitation and trafficking of the United Nations and the US government. Henceforth, ...
A Visitor's Good Will A Visitor's Good Will In the last few days I had been receiving e-mails from Father Martino with the approval to let guests visit our OBV home in Vietnam. A lady called us when she was still in the U.S. to express her exci...
A Thank You Note A Thank You Note The teacher and all the kids in elementary So gone are those hot, humid sweltering summer days with continuous rain in July. There was a time for beginning and also time for an end, as we reached t...
Waiting For You to Bloom Waiting For You to Bloom You are a kind, beautiful girl with a nice warm smile that will light up any room you walk into.....But many years ago, there was no smile on your face. Life was so cruel when it took your own mothe...


  • Musical Play - The Life I Left Behind

    OBV First Musical Play.  Recorded by Thuy Nga Production on 4/25/2014 in Orange County.

    Watching this, you will know more about OBV mission, OBV children...

    Part 1/8


    Part 2/8


    Part 3/8


    Part 4/8


    Part 5/8


    Part 6/8


    Part 7/8


    Part 8/8


One Body Village Mission

One Body Village Logo


To combat child sex exploitation and trafficking especially in Southeast Asian countries, by rescuing at-risk and affected children, educating and empowering communities to be catalysts for change; and

To improve the lives of at-risk and affected children by providing shelter, medical and behavioral health care, educational assistance, and vocational training that will enable survivors to reintegrate into mainstream society as productive citizens.

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