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OBV Volunteers Wanted!
OBV needs your helping hands at the Marian Days event in Carthage, MO from Thursday 08/03/2017 to Sunday 08/06/2017.
We need help with setting up, maintaining, selling...

Want to join our family, meet our children, learn about the many complexities that are involved in human trafficking and be inspired to make a real difference? Join One Body Village Canada's internati...

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The Steps Taken The Steps Taken It was a day of horrific storms, that we made our way to the ends of the world to their house. Two sisters, both victims of sexual abuse. Immediately, we worked to get their paperwork in order, so t...
"Guidelines For Parents" Diary - The First Day an old article... We departed at 6:15 A.M. After breakfast, we got on a boat to pass Tien Giang river to go to Tan Thanh, Tien Giang. It was silent and the air was fresh there in that water land in t...
"Guidelines For Parents" Diary - Getting Ready an old article... Everyone focused on topics that need to be discussed. We arrived in Binh Dai, Ben Tre province at 20:30 in a home that was said to be the best one and the “safest” on...
Journey to Long An - Part 2, A happy trip Journey to Long An - Part 2, A happy trip an old article... Her mom and her at OBV house The Challenges After the first home visit, and many phone calls, words of encouragement and job recommendations in the city for a mother to be close...
Remember you, Dad Remember you, Dad Dear Dad, do you know how lucky us kids are?! On that day, without you, who knows where we'd be right now. You've brought to us a ray of warmth and hope, a small family, and happiness that cannot be...
Journey to Long An, Part 1: Sadness Journey to Long An, Part 1: Sadness an old article... It was a beautiful Sunday morning when I met her and her mother, Mrs. V. for the first time. The bright weather couldn't hide the shyness in the eyes of this littler girl. Mrs. V,...


  • Video - Verlinda Vu - Miss WA 2011 "Be A Voice" for OBV

    Here is the video talking about Venrlinda Vu - Miss WA 2011 "Be A Voice" for OBV: She said: "Being an advocate and helping these children simply means to BE THEIR VOICE! How can you love a God you cannot see if you do not love your brothers and sisters here with you on earth that you can see? BE THEIR VOICE!"


One Body Village Mission

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To combat child sex exploitation and trafficking especially in Southeast Asian countries, by rescuing at-risk and affected children, educating and empowering communities to be catalysts for change; and

To improve the lives of at-risk and affected children by providing shelter, medical and behavioral health care, educational assistance, and vocational training that will enable survivors to reintegrate into mainstream society as productive citizens.

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