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One Body Village Inc

Upcoming Events

OBV will be present at Carthage, MO to raise awareness on behalf of the child victims of sex trafficking. OBV need volunteers to sell OBV merchandises such as shirts, CD's, DVDs and other gift items. ...

2014 Annual Fund Raiser: Dinner, Auctions, Raffle Drawing, CBC Band, Disco Dance Please go to for more information: from auction items, event progress to last event gallery...

Do you know of your life's purpose?
Do you understand how life is in other countries?
Do you comprehend what people in lesser circumstances need, hope, and desire?
Do you want to be per...

Latest Posts

Our Teachers Our Teachers Summer comes, the children in OBV Vietnam can leave school works aside to participate in Summer activities. They are taught English by Miss Diễm Vân who is a volunteered teacher coming from the US...
Nothing left in life – Part 1 Nothing left in life – Part 1 Dad! Where are you.... Mom! Where are you... At nightfall, the street is transformed into an exciting and bustling scene. Many three-wheeled bikes, locally called tuktuk, lined the streets leading ...
The Day We Become God's Children The Day We Become God's Children On Sunday, the 13th of July 2014, six children from OBV Cambodia received the sacrament of Baptism at Saint Joseph Church in Pnom Penh, Cambodia. Since they had wanted to be baptized for a long time n...
Tenth Year Ordination Anniversary of Dad Thong – Part 3: The Musical Show of 10-Year-Blessing. Tenth Year Ordination Anniversary of Dad Thong – Part 3: The Musical Show of 10-Year-Blessing.   On the occasion of return of Dad Thong celebrating the 10th anniversary of his ordination, Dad and the OBV (One Body Village) family had a vacation trip exciting, interesting and meaningful. T...
Father's Day Father's Day Managing Sister and the children of OBV VN celebrate Father's Day Dear Father, on this Sunday we celebrate all our fathers, for we know that our fathers are most deserving of this honor and respect...


One Body Village Mission and Vision

One Body Village Logo


- To combat child sex trafficking, especially in Southeast Asian countries, by educating and empowering communities to be catalysts for change and,

- To improve the lives of children affected by sex slavery by providing shelter, medical and behavioral health care, educational assistance, and vocational training that will enable survivors to reintegrate into mainstream society as productive citizens.  


-To abolish child sex trafficking and,

-To establish safe homes for children affected by sex slavery to attain their fullest potentials.

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