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One Body Village Inc

Upcoming Events

Come and experience real lives of unfortunate children in Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia. From 1/31/2017 to 2/9/2017 (10 days.We will meet in Saigon on 1/31 and return to Saigon on 2/9.) Detail sche...

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Another Trip - Fourth Story: Unbelievable! (Part 1) My dear friends, as I have shared in previous articles about my "night flights",  I usually go to Viet Nam and Campuchia for my work with One Body Village-website ...
Another Trip - Story 3: Does motherly love really exist? Another Trip - Story 3: Does motherly love really exist? 1 pm, the First Day of Tết, my parents and I arrived back in Saigon after celebrating with our extended family since the 28th of last month.  The streets of Saigon were empty.  My parents ...
Training for Youth Leaders in the prevention of Sexual Child Abuse Training for Youth Leaders in the prevention of Sexual Child Abuse Just a few simple words and pictures from our training session to the Youth Leaders, in the prevention of Sexual Child Abuse, organized for Sunday the 27th November, 2016. The seminar was held at th...
A Child's Transition A Child's Transition OBV just welcome our newest addition to the family, from a province far, far away. It took the family days to make the journey to us, with the child having only been sexually abused not so long befo...
Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!


  • Seminar On HTV9 About Child Sexual Abuse

    45-minute program of HTV9 about child sexual abuse, with the participation of Bridge to Happniess (OBV Vietnam)

    Chương trình Tọa Đàm 45 phút của đài HTV9 về việc xâm hại tình dục trẻ em, với sự tham gia của Trung tâm Nhịp Cầu Hạnh Phúc và Nhà OBV tại Việt Nam


One Body Village Mission

One Body Village Logo


To combat child sex exploitation and trafficking especially in Southeast Asian countries, by rescuing at-risk and affected children, educating and empowering communities to be catalysts for change; and

To improve the lives of at-risk and affected children by providing shelter, medical and behavioral health care, educational assistance, and vocational training that will enable survivors to reintegrate into mainstream society as productive citizens.

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